What a beautiful Priyanka, BJP leader…


Insulting comments about women in Indian politics is not a new practice of sitting. This time around kukathake US presidential elections have been fished. Priyanka Gandhi today to talk about the offensive nature of a lot of the same whole indifferent and went to BJP leader Vinay cutting.

Katiyarake asked the Congress for the upcoming Assembly elections priyankake star-preacher. What’s this about? Cutting replied without hesitation said, ‘What’s the beautiful Priyanka? Priyanka is too big beautiful BJP. There are stars. Smriti Irani is the best speaker, beautiful. ”

Katiyarera odium soon as they reached the media starts. Congress is demanding, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah must apologize for. But the firm cutting himself. So forgive canaini. Rather, he claims, he said in response to media questions, said. Priyanka as his nieces. Said wrong, said the procession had confessed to his mouth.

JDU leader Sharad Yadav, however, said at the beginning of ribaldry. On one occasion, he came to understand the importance of voting patanaya comments first, to protect the honor of women’s history in honor more than is needed. When women lose respect for his family or the village were damaged. But the loss of respect for the history of the country.

When the fuss about the matter can be seen, there is saradera no heladola. If he claims he did not do anything wrong. And to prove it, and said again that the way to protect women’s honor, he respected the vote should be protected. As a result, there is no question of an apology. This is not the first time, however, says Sharad offensive to women. Rajya Sabha had stood before, ” Southern girls skin color is black. But the body bamdhuni well. Nacenao well …. ” she was the fuss about this. Sharad proved this day, he badalanani at all. The short
Soon after he went to walk over to him, cutting away by ribaldry.

It laughs in the face of personal attacks that were directly Priyanka said. Said, ‘What’s that attitude towards the BJP, has revealed that the cutting.’ ‘His glance,’ cutting my brave, strong female colleagues can not find anything more, he will give me more opportunities for laughter ” he told Priyanka’s husband Robert badharake quite angry. Robert wrote on Facebook, ” a vile, misogynist I am shocked to hear about. Panyabastu not see women as equal rights and respect given to all of us. Bringing a change in the way our society. ” Modesty would be politically demanded he apologize.

No manners at Sharad or did not want to forgive. Their team apologized. JDU’s general secretary KC Tyagi said, saradera words, no sorrow, they did apologize. His claims, however, did not want to asammana Sharad women. According to renouncers, Sharad wanted to say, if you marry the wrong woman, as is the loss of, damage to the country if the vote is the wrong man!

BJP sources benkaiya nayadu open his mouth deepthroat words. His speech, who had not heard what he said. However, as seen on TV is the name of Sharad Yadav and Vinay cutting. Benkaiyara said, ‘If anyone’s words should not be said. Priyankajike is not, not with anyone. We may be rivals, not enemies. Such arguments do not support the team. ”

The question is, if the party does not support it when it was forced to apologize katiyarake manners, why not? But it seems some people are saying katiyarera indirect support behind the party’s leadership may have. Priyanka wants to increase the importance of direct priyankake attacked the BJP. Before voting in Uttar Pradesh Rahul Gandhi family rift priyankake accommodate larger strategy can be demonstrated. And what’s a little more worried after Akhilesh Rahul Modi Group join hands? Some BJP leaders in the domestic circuit, but he refused to do.