Walton new laptop for students


For the students, 14-inch high-definition display, the two new models brought to market a local brand laptop. The US has been using a powerful Intel quad-core processor, the world’s top ICT brand. Other international brands laptop prices are cheaper than brand new models. Basically, school and college students and parents to consider purchasing the capabilities of the laptop market has been.

Thursday (19 January, 017) Walton mega pavilions at the Dhaka International Trade Fair, ‘The time is now, “the slogan of the new laptops were unveiled. Walton Walton pavilion at the fair, as well as all over the country and branded aulatalete Plaza is available from today two new laptop. The price has been fixed at Rs 23990 and Rs 22990 respectively. On the occasion of the New Year and trade fairs across the country, consumers are being given a gift of Walton on all models is an attractive Android smart phone with a laptop and a backpack, or up to a maximum 10 per cent discount for cash.
Unveiling ceremony was attended by President of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services and the success inventive Bengali fonts Mostafa Jabbar, Walton SM Zahid Hasan, Executive Director (Policy, HRM and HRM), said. Humayun Kabir (PR & Media), Additional Director said. Liaquat Ali, media adviser Inayat pheradausasaha other senior officials.
The chief guest at the Mustafa Jabbar, Walton thanked for his contribution to the phenomenal growth of the technology industry. He said, “I saw Walton visiting factories, as well as numerous high-tech products is creating TV motherboard. You can produce high-tech products such as computer motherboard soon. Walton made with the motherboard or laptop computers in different countries around the world will think that I am delighted and proud. He expressed the hope that the company will make the country the next day, all products of digital devices.
Executive Director of Walton SM Zahid Hasan said the laptop is no longer a luxury product; Rather, it is extremely important to technology-based education. Appropriate use of students in mind, this issue brings affordable laptop Walton. We hope to build a digital Bangladesh Walton important role in this effort.
According to the program, the world’s top institutions in the US Intel Corporation, Microsoft, and Walton-Bangladesh joint venture in the market for each of these three institutions are internationally recognized brand laptop Walton. Passion and temarinda Walton laptop series is now more associated with a model. The laptop features a new high-performance and multi-tasking slima view and a lot more speed. 0-30 per cent cheaper than the prices of other brands. The warranty period of 1 year from the same company laptop also was extended two years to develop. Customers across the country can buy soft 1-month installment Walton laptop.
Passion series of all students and their guardians are now able to buy a new laptop model at 23990. It has a 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB DDR3 RAM came. Required to work on a laptop, video, and music will be operator during the execution of high-speed vibration. There is also a multi-DVD and High Definition Audio.
On the other hand, temarinda series of new models of laptops will cost Rs 22990. It has a 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB DDR3 RAM came. There are also High Definition Audio.
Walton additional director and the laptop was in charge of the project. Liaquat Ali said, adjusting the use of new models of laptops to school and college students. These students easily Programming, Web Design, outsourcing, different assignment, presentation, and digital e-bukasaha many will be able to complete the work.
He said students and parents had a long-standing demand of quality within the reach of their laptops on the market. The two new models at affordable prices to meet the needs of their long-standing company with laptop Marketing.