The new trap G-mail, login careful, Know


Gmail has a new trap. This could be a trap designed to hack your account. The name of the phishing trap. This is to protect you from the trap of online scams or cheating of any link to log in to the technicians told to be careful.

The company’s chief executive, Mark mandara oyardaphensera WordPress nirapattaseba first discovered the scam. “We experienced scams prayuktibidaderao being able to deceive. Usually with the help of clever mail by sending a link to this hack job. G-mail, as well as other services, which hackers are taking this approach. ”

According to the trap, the trap was to send mail to a user’s inbox. ID usually someone known to her friends ‘stalking’ of the mail was sent. The accounts could be hacked or misleading information that is being. And there is an attachment.

Several of his friends to click on attachments that do not show anything, it opens up a new tab. The user can log in again as a new tab. Once signed in, users will be trapped. Which is a nicer user can not easily understand. Locations will be shown in the browser ‘’. As a result of the deception of the eye is not easy to understand.

Technicians have suggested, before the browser to sign-in locations Option ‘’ before the hostname ‘https: //’ and the Interior did not have anything other than a sign of what will be. The two color green is also to be noticed. The two icons on the left side of the green is not the color of great danger. However, if two-factor authentication turned on G-mail account, then enter the password, but it can not be stolen by hackers.