Sundarbans highlighted in latest episode of ‘Ityadi’


The shooting of popular magazine show ‘Ityadi’ was held recently at the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world — the Sundarbans. Situated at the heart of the Sathkhira Zilla, the Sundarbans is a treasure of natural beauty of Bangladesh and in order to glorify this naturally gifted place, ‘Ityadi’ team sets up the stage with the help of ‘golpata (leaf of small trees) on top of a river at the ‘Akashlina Tourism Centre’, so that the magnificent Sundarbans’ abundant beauty can be captured in exquisite fashion.

Thousands of people gathered to witness the shooting of this episode: some climbed on top of the tree, some were standing on knee-deep water, some were sitting on small boats, trawlers, launch, etc and nothing could deter them from watching the shooting of this grandiose episode of ‘Ityadi.’

Highlighting the history and tradition of the Sundarbans and the prospect of the tourism industry of Bangladesh, three informative documentaries will be shown in ‘Ityadi.’ Easy bikes are accident prone and girls wearing scarves are becoming victim of many accidents. An awareness building documentary on this matter will be shown. Three foreign nationals have built a farm on Muktagacha upazilla and they are contributing on social works of the area with the profit of the farm which is coming through the selling of the crops and the animals. ‘Ityadi’ will carry a documentary on them in this episode. The ‘foreign’ segment will have a documentary on Spain’s second largest city Barcelona’s ‘Museum of Illusions.’

To commemorate the month of the Independence Day, renowned singer Sabina Yasmin has sung a patriotic song which is penned by Mohammad Rofiquzzaman and tuned and composed by Ali Akbor Rupu. Sathkhira’s ‘Potgan’ (potsong) is one of the rare genres of the folk song. Sathkhira’s ‘Sushilon Sangskritik Dol’ has performed a potsong for the ‘Ityadi’ viewers. The song highlights contemporary social and cultural issues and kind of preachy in nature.

The regular comedy skits, mama-vagne, nani-natni, et al are all set to provide ample food for thoughts for the viewers. Besides the regular invited guest segment, one additional segment from this episode is all set to entertain the viewers. In this segment, the invited guests of ‘Ityadi’ will share their opinion on contemporary issues and those will be showcased with the help of entertaining skits.

Art direction of ‘Iyadi’ is given by Mukimul Anwar Mukim. ‘Ityadi’ is sponsored by Keya Cosmetics limited and written, planned and emceed by Hanif Sanket. Watch ‘Ityadi’ on BTV and BTV World on 31 March after 8:00pm news.