Photo brawl with the Prime Minister’s rally


Awami League rally at Suhrawardy Udyan has been accused of a picture in Photoshop. The film has been criticized by several quarters. Thursday’s print edition of the English newspaper The Daily Star newspaper published pictures of a large gathering.

The film was shown three perfect review is twice the face as well. You do not seem to be the head of another person’s hand. Two trees behind a banner with the obstacle is inconsistent.

According to the report, the image of the Government Press Information Department (PID) at the end of the assembly are supplied in a variety of media. The film turns out to be shared via social networking. Prime Minister’s Media Adviser Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury said about it, “an official from the institution with the responsibility of such a picture has been overlooked. This kind of work is not acceptable. “He said the creation of such an embarrassing situation to avoid in the future, they will be asked to stay alert.

According to the newspaper, the rally that day a lot of people were gathering, then why is it necessary to use Photoshop to take this kind of question has been raised. Photoshop from the public to the media to provide a picture of an image as a result of subsequent PID may believe that others are questioning the qualifications.