Mosharraf Karim did not want to play five plays


Mosharraf Karim is a drama starring popular “Carom”. After several quarters acclaim play TV channels. Soon after, the discussion moved to the actor. Mostafa Sarwar Farooqi made the play. Mosharraf Karim milestone in acting on the proposal, but after getting the play or he did not want to play.

Musharraf about it, “said Carom play when it comes to acting, I go to another theater shooting in Thailand. We will go out of the country for the first time of the shooting, that he had something big to me. Therefore, the performance will not Carom. After my wife Jasmine said, “You do play Carom. The play will be good. “I then change. The next event known to all. ”

Press press
Mosharraf Karim, a transgender roles in this play. It was directed by Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi. Soon after leaving the audience to respond to play in the promotion. But Musharraf abhinayajibanera most disliked actor plays abound abound. He did not want to play from the beginning of the play. As for the actor said, “I still dislike the play. The best thing for me to joke about transgender people

Did. Transgender people are given as much respect to all other countries, as they ignored us. What if I told you not to play any of the directors will be? The director said, would be yes. So I play. Fahmi said the manufacturers to create a lot of publicity really should not play. ”

Sikandar Box
‘Sikander box’ character is a character of some of the popular Mosharraf Karim. Almost all of the desired series to respond to visitors. The promotion of dialogue with the audience after the drama of some of the episodes spread orally. “Sikandar Box” series has directed plays Jahan sea. Mosharraf Karim did not want to play this character, but the beginning. His words, “from the name of the play at first looks like a duplicate copy of the smell takes me. I had no desire to play acting. But the makers wanted me. To change the name of the creator of the play call. Because the name of a specific person’s name to play, I do not like it. I agreed, subject to the change of the name of the play acting. After preaching the name of the play, but learn from the channel has Sikandar-e-box. ”

In the same tea-khora
This dramatic story about a person’s addiction to tea. Mosharraf Karim response plays into acting after the promotion. But the kind of tea-khora Mosharraf Karim’s comments, first heard the story of the play, he felt such a sense of the story! Could not find a place in the story of morality, there is no special message. And let me see the script. I read the script, rather than the depth of a man addicted to tea, tea can do, leading her, instead. It may be a different type of work. So he agreed. ”

Mosharraf Karim plays twin brothers with the same father and twin three were seen as acting together. Animesh Aich wrote the play. Musharraf three different roles in the same play was quite amused to see the visitors. Musharraf himself, but could not find the beginning of the twin demands of acting. Mosharraf Karim said, “the very hot summer. The role will be to put a beard, mustache and planted lots of uncomfortable heat. Without it, I fear that role when they heard the three got together. I was very painful enhanced three characters together. So I did not want to play twin.