To marry and Subhashree? Read deets!


He is not from Venus, is not from Mars ,. Living in close, he was also a galaxy. To, well, Rab NE Bana Di Jodi! Chakraborty and Subhashree Ganguly, the man and his Muse meets the eye more than -have in common.

Year, state your city, Halisahar to Kolkata, came in his eyes.Subhashree with big dreams, Burdwan default, the same desire. Both debuted as a director and an actor in 2008, the fight went through fluctuations talivuda public lost and then found locked in each other’s arms like those fairy lights on Park Street itself. Come November, I hear, two faith will take the leap. I hope if they are each other’s ear Chirodini `… Tumi Je Amar ‘are going to gray, but two family celebrations. Not long back, Subhashree family Halisahar, which asks Venkaiah our hero Nawabi mustache and almost six-pack wedding -went down on his knees to ask for the hand of his ladylove. I heard came back together in family proceedings headquarters follow a lavish dinner in Burdwan in between breaks to shoot their wedding talks paternal Subhashree house where. Pair, throw in addressing each other as a serious about each other, openly `mummum ‘with a pride and join the PDA without a care in the world. While it is still a few months for the wedding, kitchen with a lot there. Last heard, they are thinking of a 300-item food wedding. With such mush, I do.