Koto Shopno Koto Asha !!


Plot: life, love and the love of Bappy he surrounded share with their students. Both groups of children of age and older, who is free with his father. So, ignore the absence of love, he has been busy occupying himself with his students.

Director: Wakil Ahmad
Cast: Pori Moni, Bappy Chowdhury, Subrata, Shatabdi Wadud
Runtime: 140min
Weakness: Cinematography
Rating: 4/10

Pori Moni where one sings the show as part of a group of singer-garadi Bappy came as the Savior, is attacked. Bappy chemicals in the form of love, when someone tried to steal it to get rid of her purse and run away. After growing religion in the issue of differences on one another’s heels. Where his family Pori Moni is a Hindu family playing Pori Banarjee in movies like her relationship with a Muslim boy. After going through a rough phase, it approved his relationship with Pori Moni Bappy ultimately lost a happy family.

Consider: First, this film Cinematography is the main reason for its failure. Would have made a big difference in the long run as the effort of a small selection of an efficient Cinematographers. It was necessary lack saw good. However, pay no attention to the director not only the selection of locations, but also failed in terms of music. Keeping in mind is that its lead character as a singer for one of the characters, Pori Moni has been demonstrated in order to fulfill his role until he was a good start and hang his effort . But due to its slight plot and Director of negligence Cinematography, Pori Moni could not save labor and aesthetic film. Bappy, on the other hand, has to complete his characters with a beauty of 100%, but there was still something missing. It is based on may provide a change in the form of sharing the traditional concept and the concept of a very different religion-related movies in the past, as a director Wakil Ahmed. This understanding is the director like him, that he instructed over the past few decent number of successful films, is very confusing film delivers some attention to important issues. His next film can reveal more sincere effort.