fans feel Priyanka is more badass than you are


Bold, unapologetic and a killer attitude- that completely sums up the badass attitude we’re talking about. Recently, we decided to do a poll, asking fans who they think is more badass – Priyanka Chopra or Kangana Ranaut?

B-Town’s very own desi girl (who has now gone global) Priyanka Chopra has added another feather to her cap. She is now, on the cover of Marie Claire and they have called her ‘Hollywood’s Most Bankable Badass’.

Meanwhile Kangana Ranaut, who had earlier made a statement saying it would foolish for anyone to turn to Hollywood as of now, has declared herself Bollywood’s Badass. In a recent interview, after Karan Johar had stated that he’s done with Kangana playing the ‘victim card’, she had hit out against him saying that she wasn’t playing the ‘victim card’ when she named and blamed him and the film industry of nepotism. She claimed added that she was being a badass.

The fans have voted and the results are out! With 51.14% of the votes, PC has won the poll while Kangana received the remaining 48.86% of the votes. So guess, we all now know who’s more badass. Kangana, you reading this?