Emraan Hashmi makes a strong confession on nepotism and we are proud of him


Actor Emraan Hashmi is one actor who has always taken risks with his bold roles and has even earned the tag of a ‘serial kisser’. He has charmed one and all with his performances and his offscreen persona also exudes boldness as he has never minced his words. Now, with the entire debate on nepotism still gaining mileage and spotlight, thanks to the uncalled for chants by some celebs at a recent awards show, the debate on the topic has started again and every celeb has been talking about it. But, seldom has any celeb (especially with a filmy lineage) claimed to be a by-product of nepotism or confessed of his own existence in the industry due to nepotism.

However, here comes a refreshing delight in the form of Emraan Hashmi, who has no qualms in admitting that he is indeed in the industry due to nepotism. Speaking with HT, Emraan says, “Yes, nepotism exists in our industry, and I got a break because of it. If my uncle (Mahesh Bhatt), who is a producer and director hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have been an actor.” He further states that he wasn’t really looking out to become an actor. Said Emraan, “My case was different. There was no dying need for me to become an actor or be a part of this industry. My college had got over, and I stepped into films