Employment of foreign workers in Malaysia


Foreign workers in Malaysia, visa renewal, the legalization of illegal workers, illegal workers return home at pathanosaha law is never fixed. I always some new rules, or to cancel the procedure announced another method. I guess that a lot of rules in this volatile due to the delay in bringing the workers from Bangladesh, even though there are many more issues Syndicate.

Legislation regarding foreign workers in Malaysia has seen all-time aspect of their profits. Less focus has always been on welfare for foreign workers in Malaysia. Last year, the Malaysian minister said, the Malaysian side of the owners of the well-being of foreign workers can be avoided. The owners do not like to use foreign workers. Now the foreign minister’s speech, expected to be introduced in labor laws. Yes, the Malaysian government announced dichilo, `From now on, foreign workers levy (tax) will carry an employer or owner. Levi’s for a visa or for money from workers’ pay can not be deducted. The rule was to take effect from next January. This was announced a few days ago. However, in the second week of January, and the Malaysian government is changed.

Levy on foreign workers to declare the new employer is not in the 017, will take effect from 2018 onwards. Bangladeshi foreign workers frustrated. Why the Malaysian government decided suddenly changed? The review found that the workers from Bangladesh, was keeping the new law to levy this year by the Malaysian Employers are not effective. Because, to bring workers from Bangladesh soon after the start of the current year will be at least one million-or so workers. It’s more or less inevitable. This year, the amount of people come from Bangladesh, levy (tax) do not have to carry the owner, wishing to come to Malaysia, I will carry Levi. Whether the loan or sell the land. Levy is paid only a few thousand crore will come from Bangladesh and Malaysia. Explore Malaysia will benefit.

Malaysia’s what good is well understood. Bangladesh, Malaysia and crisis workers from the worker the employer shall bear the cost of the levy paid by the Levi’s revenue income karabeeka stone two birds. ২0২0 again until the update will work visas for foreign workers’ maiji name of a private company. Levi’s (tax) increase in the cost of a visa extension to be added to the profits of private companies maijira costs. Invalid or expired visa to the workers in the country are also private companies. Increased costs here. Here, too, the Malaysian company’s profits, which means Malaysia.

The Malaysian currency is decreasing the value of the stand that they pay their money to come to Malaysia every year, Levi’s annual visa costs or pay the remaining cost of the new arrivals in the country will be able to send a worker, it needs to be considered. Therefore, foreign workers in Malaysia by the employer to bear the levy in order to enable the provision of the relevant departments to be alert, because more than five lakh Bangladeshis working in Malaysia. Cost-year visas to Bangladeshis every year we survive, it will be in Bangladesh. The increase in remittance income, would be more helpful to new heights in our (Bangladesh Bank) reserves.