Bhumi Pednekar justifies her statement on ‘Has Mat Pagli’ stalking controversy


When the song ‘Has Mat Pagli’ from ‘Toilet – Ek Prem Katha’ made it to the internet, critics were left with an opinion that the song promotes ‘stalking’. The visuals of this song has Akshay Kumar stalking Bhumi Pednekar and clicking her pictures without her knowledge, and hence is in a way, promoting stalking. So, later in her interviews, Bhumi gave her clarification and stated, “I agree but it is only stalking till the other person is objecting to it. If I am following you around or mentally harassing you, then it’s stalking. But if I am not objecting to it, then how’s it stalking?” But once again, this statement of her’s got highlighted.

So, in a recent interview, when she was to share her thoughts on the same, she stated, “I am an opinionated feminist. I can never in my life say or do anything against women. I come from a family wherein there’s only my mum, my sister and I. I come from an environment like that. Fortunately Or unfortunately, I am very new. So there will be things that I will say that will be put out of context, I mean see the amount I talk. I am just learning with everything. We as a team thoroughly condemn it is not an act that is appreciated having said that our film is not about that nor do our character trouble each other, there is no sort of emotional harassment. It is a screenplay, it is a storyline, it got interpreted differently than the filmmakers had expected it to happen. When I meant my consent I meant… I can’t tell you the story of the film. When you watch the film you will realise what I actually meant.”

‘Toilet – Ek Prem Katha’ releases on August 14, 2017. (Also Check: ‘Hans Mat Pagle’ female version: Bhumi Pednekar steals the show in this melodious romantic song)