Bengali film good popularity sakib khan


In 1996, Salman Shah started his popularity, at the same time started a conspiracy against him, and after a few days he came to know about his story, and along with his Bengali film goes away from the golden era in the hands of some bad people. After the death of Salman Shah, some producers have got their hands behind his death.It was then blown out without investigation.

Today 25 April, 017, Shakib Khan has repeatedly said that some people are plotting against him, just like Salman Shah said on 26 July 1996, stop the plot against me for the sake of the industry.

Shakib Khan was repeatedly saying that the plot against me is going on, I understood what he wanted to understand, and today it is very clear.Kakrailawala sent a letter to shakib Khan, who has sent letters to Bangabandhu from the Bengali film.

This uneducated Kamala, original director, distributor will not understand anything in the elegant language. Now there is only one way to save the Bengali picture, the government will interfere with it here and there to remove it from FDC, Kakrail.In the intermediate return of the Bengali film, the keys are young and gifted talent should be handed out, not the motto of filmmakers.